Managing Requirements For CRP Acres

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All Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) participants with contracts from 2004 and beyond must complete at least one management activity during the life of the contract. Contracts that have been re-enrolled will require two management activities, one at the beginning and one mid-contract. Management activities must be completed before the end of year six for 10-year contracts. Required management activities must not occur during the last three years of the CRP contract. An approved Conservation Plan of Operation will provide information on when the CRP management activity is scheduled during the life of the CRP contract.

Management activities must be completed outside the primary nesting season. For Nebraska the primary nesting season is May 1 through July 15.

Management activities create plant diversity for wildlife as well as enhance permanent cover. Producers can choose from the following appropriate management practices:

  • Prescribed burn and inter-seeding;
  • Tillage and inter-seeding;
  • Spraying with inter-seeding;
  • Haying with inter-seeding; or
  • Prescribed grazing with inter-seeding.

Inter-seeding is optional if the existing CRP cover meets plant diversity requirements. If using the broadcast seeding method, the seeding rate should be doubled.

If prescribed burning is chosen, a “burn packet” consisting of a burn plan and burn permit should be obtained from your local FSA office prior to burning. The FSA staff also will provide instructions for grass seeding for the areas being inter-seeded.

Based on the choice of practice, your local FSA office will furnish the necessary forms to report completion, cost associated with the activity and request for cost-share assistance. CRP participants must complete and sign the FSA-848B and provide necessary paperwork such as bills and seed receipts to receive cost-share assistance for the management activity.

Please contact the Jefferson County FSA office to discuss management practices.

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