Schoenrock Elected Board Chairman

Schoenrock Elected Board Chairman, Fairbury News Now Nebraska NE

At their meeting Tuesday, the Jefferson County Commissioners underwent their annual reorganization, with Commissioner Michael Dux stepping down from the position of chairman, and Commissioner Mark Schoenrock being appointed as the new chairman for 2018.

During the meeting, Schoenrock thanked Dux for his service to the board of commissioners as chairman.

Schoenrock stated he is going to work hard throughout 2018 to serve the citizens of Jefferson County. He is excited to have the opportunity to take on this leadership role.

“I am looking forward to serving Jefferson County with my fellow Commissioners Gale Pohlmann and Michael Dux addressing the challenges of the 21st century,” said Schoenrock. “As our board begins a new year of service, we will be emphasizing service, leadership and teamwork. Each of us realizes at the core that we are servants of the citizens of Jefferson County.

“Our constant goal must be to ensure that we are good listeners, that we are involved in our communities, constantly reaching out, and that we understand the issues that are important to our fellow citizens. Having that understanding then helps us make the best decisions that must be made,” Schoenrock continued.

Schoenrock reflected on his years of service and his roots in Jefferson County. He intends to put those years of experience to use to make improvements in Jefferson County.

“I was born and raised here in Jefferson County and my roots in Jefferson County run deep. My great-grandparents first came to Jefferson County as farmers and ranchers in the late 1880s. Upon graduation from Fairbury High School and the University of Nebraska, I served a long career in numerous leadership and management positions as an officer of the United States Army. Concluding my service to our nation, my wife and I returned home to Jefferson County. We are proud to call Jefferson County home,” Schoenrock said.

Schoenrock cautioned the board to be prepared for challenges, even though Jefferson County is in a rural part of the nation.

“Although we live in a rural area, we live in a very inter-connected world, and the challenges of the 21st century are at our doorstep,” said Schoenrock. “We are privileged to live in this beautiful area of southeast Nebraska, but we are not immune from many of the world’s challenges, and we will work hard to accordingly address them.”

Also during the meeting, Pohlmann was elected to serve as the Vice-Chairman of the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners.

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