Addressing Misconceptions About KXL Pipeline

John Addresses Misconceptions About KXL Pipeline, Fairbury News Now Nebraska Ne TransCanada

(By Matthew John, TransCanada)

There are common misconceptions about the role of pipelines in our daily lives. We live in a society that runs on oil and oil products. The proposed Keystone XL pipeline, which is currently under review by Nebraska’s Public Service Commission, is designed to safely deliver the energy we use each and every day.

In the coming weeks you will read about the many opinions on this project. One misconception is that pipelines are unsafe. Pipelines are, by far the safest way to transport oil and natural gas. In fact, Keystone XL has gone through the most extensive and rigorous environmental review for a pipeline in North America. The pipeline has undergone five separate, independent, federal environmental reviews, and a separate independent review by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality. Each of these reports has acknowledged the project is safe and environmentally responsible.

Another one we hear is that the crude oil it delivers is for export. This is untrue. Canada is the largest supplier of U.S. crude oil imports, providing 41% of total U.S. imports—more than all Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) combined. Keystone XL will replace OPEC oil imported to the Gulf Coast with North American crude oil.

We care about Nebraska, the land, the people and the environment. We are proud of our 35-year history in the state and proud to do business here. We look forward to continuing the strong relationships we’ve built with Nebraskans over the past 35 years.

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