Bringing TeamMates To Tri County

Bringing TeamMates To Tri County, Fairbury News Now Nebraska NE

A board of dedicated people has been working hard to bring the TeamMates Mentoring Program to Tri County, offering students mentors and a chance to build healthy relationships with people in their community.

Dave Rosenbaum, who taught at Tri County, is the President of the TeamMates Board of Directors at Tri County. He explained that the board is excited to see a TeamMates program start at Tri County.

“Right now we’re just getting off the ground,” said Rosenbaum. “Right now we have several folks right now wanting to be mentors, and our goal is to start matching students to mentors in January. We need to raise some money and to raise awareness.”

Currently, the program would focus on students in grades three through sixth, but Rosenbaum hopes that the program will expand to include students in high school. He noted that there are many benefits for students involved in the program.

“Right now we live in quite a complex society,” Rosenbaum said. “We have children who have a lot of needs because of their home situation. We’re hoping that mentors can meet with these students once a week and spend some time getting to know them, develop that trust and become someone they can rely on.”

People can help the program to grow by spreading the word about TeamMates. They are looking for people to mentor the students at Tri County.

“We’re continuing to work on finding mentors and to fundraise to support the program so we can get this program rolling,” said Rosenbaum. “There has been a tremendous amount of support for this already, and as we continue to learn, we’re going to keep sharing what we learn with our community. We have a goal of having 12 to 15 pairs of mentors and mentees as we roll into the coming year. We’re excited to have this here at Tri County.”

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