Cook Opens Community Service Program

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After seeing a problem in the judicial system, Don Cook decided to take action to try to resolve it in Jefferson County, launching a program to help those who are sentenced to complete community service hours find places to volunteer and receive credit for the hours served.

Cook explained that the current system is a struggle for some to work through, which, in some cases, racks up more fees due to the need for show cause hearings. Most of the time, Cook noted, these hearings are necessary only because the person completing the hours forgot to submit documentation to the courts.

Cook’s program helps people through the entire process from start to finish. Already, he has had a number of people referred to him by the courts.

“We already have some juveniles enrolled in our community service program,” said Cook. “They have anywhere from 10 to 40 hours of service that they have to do for the court or for their probation officers.”

Cook encourages people who have community service work for organizations or churches to contact him at 402-587-1618. People who are sentenced to complete community service hours in Jefferson County are also encouraged to contact him so his program can help them complete the process.

“We’re at a point where we’re enrolling quite a few people to help them complete their community service,” Cook said. “We have an office at 509 5th Street that people can drop by. There is plenty of work out there for people to do. Anyone that needs to complete their community service for the court or their probation officer just needs to give us a call and we’ll help them get it done. We’ll set up an appointment and go from there.”

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