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I was listening to Fox News tonight wow. A college student was protesting because the Federal Government of the United States says it is going to follow the laws that have been ignored for years.
I have heard Mayors make statements that say we will protect our people. Well that is great but, I must ask one of those Mayors the Democrat in Chicago. When Mr. Mayor are you going to start protecting the people in your city. You make big statements how Chicago will always be a sanctuary city. So you are going to protect people that are in this country illegally but you won’t even protect the citizens in you city that are legal. If you did protect these citizens maybe there would not be so many people being killed in your town.
So I don’t know how you can be a Mayor of the large city of Chicago. You can’t do your job and protect the legal people in your city. I don’t think you will be able to protect the people that are in this country or the city of Chicago.
The people that are mad because the person they wanted to win the people’s vote in this Presidential election. I’m sorry but you need to and understand the election is over and you need to deal with it.
I voted four years ago and eight years ago. Both times the person I voted for did not win. I was not happy that Obama won both times. But I didn’t go out and protest, I didn’t go out tell people I’m going to protect people that break the laws of this country.  Illegal is still illegal, this country has laws and those laws are and we’re made for a reason.
I have to say this every thing the Democrats were saying that the Republicans would do if Trump didn’t win. The Democrats are doing now and even allowing there followers to do.  I just don’t remember four years ago or even eight years ago Republican followers going out blocking traffic, breaking store windows. Beating people up for who they voted for or the hat they are wearing this is unreal. And the Democrats can’t figure out why Trump won. But it’s not just Democrats look at the college students today they don’t even feel they need to attend class. They are outside protesting because they want the colleges to protect the illegals going to school with them.
Please understand I’m not writhing this to make anyone mad. I’m writing this because I just don’t understand when the people of this country changed. When did we change from Obeying laws to out right breaking laws and protecting others who break our laws. Just think about this , if everyone in this country decides to not obey the laws of this country. How safe will you be then, how safe will your kids be, how safe will you grand children be? Like I said before we are a country of laws for a reason, public safety think about it. Just my thoughts

Donald C. Cook
Reynolds, NE.

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