Fairbury FFA Grows, Sells Plants

Fairbury FFA Sells Plants, Fairbury News Now Nebraska NE

Fairbury FFA students gathered at the Fairbury Jr./Sr. High School Greenhouse on Saturday to raise money for the organization by selling plants that they grew throughout the semester.

Thomas Dux, Fairbury FFA Adviser, explained that the students have had plant sales in the past, and that they have been beneficial for the chapter.

“FFA puts this on because agricultural education is foundational in three areas, which are FFA, classroom instruction, and also a student supervised agricultural education experience,” said Dux. “With that, kids that are in plant science, the goal is to have them in FFA so that they can get true learning in all three areas. It’s really inter-curricular; it really provides those kids who are in that plant and soil science class a chance to see some of the events that the FFA puts on. All the money that we raise for this then goes back into our fund so that we can do projects to help keep the greenhouse going.”

Fairbury FFA Sells Plants, Fairbury News Now Nebraska NE
Fairbury FFA Sells Plants, Fairbury News Now Nebraska NE
Fairbury FFA Sells Plants, Fairbury News Now Nebraska NE

The plants and vegetables that the students grew were selected by Dux, he explained, and that in his experience these were some of the most successful.

“When I was the ag teacher at Mead, I had some flowers and plants that I’ve gone with since then,” Dux said. “Last year when we first did this, most of the ones we had here people really did like. So that’s kind of how we picked out all the varieties of flowers and vegetables.”

Dux also explained that last year students also grew vegetables in a garden, and that he partnered with the school kitchen to provide fresh food during the school year. The main crop that they provided to the school kitchen was tomatoes.

Students in the plant and soil science class received a hands on learning experience, growing and tending to the plants and vegetables sold on Saturday. Dux hopes that the students will use this new found knowledge in the future, whether they go into an agricultural career.

“It ’s cool to see all their hard work pay off,” said Dux. “My hope is always that a kid can utilize this information if they’re going to be a crop producer someday. I’d like them to get some basic knowledge

to utilize it someday to even just plant their own garden, or their turf grass or anything like that. Maybe some kids will open their own floraculture shop someday.”

If people did not have a chance to make it to the Fairbury FFA Plant Sale on Saturday, they can contact Dux at the high school to set up a time to meet with him. Also, the greenhouse will be open during the district track and field meet on May 11.

(Georgann Friedrichsen, Contributor)

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