Fairbury Invites Citizens To Discuss Water

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The City of Fairbury, in conjunction with the Little Blue Natural Resource District, invite all residents, landowners and agricultural producers in the Fairbury Wellhead Protection Area to attend a meeting at the Fairbury Community Building on Nov. 15 at 6:30 to discuss protecting Fairbury’s drinking water.

The information and input gathered at this meeting will help guide the city in developing a plan to ensure a future of sustainability for the City of Fairbury and its water customers.

The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality has recently awarded the City of Fairbury grant funding to implement a plan to address nitrate issues that spawn from the city’s water sources. City officials intend to take a three-phased approach to the issue: developing a plan based on data from studies and from public input, finding cost-share incentives to reduce nitrate leaching and implementing a long-term strategy to protect the resource.

At the Fairbury City Council Meeting on Tuesday, City Administrator Collin Bielser encouraged people to attend the upcoming meeting, noting the city just received the most recent nitrate reports.

“We did have our quarterly water results come back,” said Bielser. “Crystal Springs was at 8.34 (parts per million), the east well number one was at 8.35, number two was at 8.97 and well three was at 9.85. We want to try to keep it below 10 per regulations. Well three has always been higher than all our water sources.

“We do have a grant with the Little Blue and the state for water source protection,” Bielser continued. “There will be stakeholders, both agricultural and some city water customers. We want to get people together to figure out our nitrate problems.”

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