Fairbury Students Plan Trip Down Under

Fairbury Students Traveling Down Under, Fairbury News Now Nebraska NE

A group of Fairbury students has the opportunity to go on the adventure of a lifetime later this year, but they are in need of assistance to get there.

The Fairbury Travel Abroad Group is planning to go to New Zealand and Australia, with a quick stop by Hawaii, in May. Darby Davidson, adviser for the Travel Abroad Group, explained that there are 23 people registered to go on the trip.

“This was a great option for the students to go on an educational trip,” said Davidson. “It is a safe area of the world. Last summer, we took six kids on a trip to London and Paris. Now, we’ve got 23 people total going on this trip. There are 17 students and six adults.”

The students will return from the trip on June 12, 2017. Davidson explained that the travel abroad group has been in existence at Fairbury High School for a number of years.

“I actually inherited this group from a former teacher at FHS, Jacki Papstein, who took students on trips to Italy, Greece, London and other places,” Davidson said. “I love traveling. I’ve visited several countries, and visiting every continent is one of my goals on my bucket list. So, I’ve kept the group going.”

Right now, the group is selling raffle tickets for a handmade Fairbury Jeffs themed quilt. Davidson explained that the quilt was donated to the group by her mother. She stated that it took roughly a year to complete the quilt.

They will be selling raffle tickets during various sporting events, including the Fairbury Wrestling Dual vs. Central City on Jan. 24. The winning raffle ticket will be chosen during the Fairbury Wresling Invite on Jan. 27.

Davidson explained that spending time abroad can provide a number of benefits for students, helping to show them a new perspective on life.

“It’s provides a shift in mindset,” said Davidson. “I’ve been traveling since I was young, going on family vacations and doing mission trips. What I’ve gotten is a deeper understanding of who I am and what my culture is. That comes from understanding other cultures in the world. Your eyes are opened to a whole new way of thinking when you travel. At some point, students will leave the nest, and travel provides the opportunity to give them a greater understanding of how they fit in the world. Everyone has so much to offer, and it will only improve your life.”

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Shaun is the owner and publisher of Fairbury News Now, an independent media website covering Jefferson County Nebraska.
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Shaun is the owner and publisher of Fairbury News Now, an independent media website covering Jefferson County Nebraska.

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