JCHS Meeting Minutes April 4, 2017

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Regular Meeting April 4, 2017

Vice President, Phyllis McCown, called the Regular Mtg to order at 6:30 P.M. at First National Bank of Fairbury. Present: Kenneth Dodge, Treas.; Margaret Junker, Sec.; Board Members, Mary Ann Partin, and Steven Block, fourteen society members, and three non-members. Pres. Megan Sothan not present.

Vice Pres. Phyllis noted a quorum of the Board was present. Consent Minutes Reg. Mtg 3/7/2017 & Special Mtg 3/20/17 approved. Phyllis requested that all March payments be read aloud. Claims &Treasurer Report approved.

No other claims.

Old Business:

1. Bylaw revisions for committees discussed. Tom Remmenga noted that according to bylaws all members of the Society may vote. Needing a quorum of the Board and twelve members of general membership. Gale Pohlmann advised that the County Attorney, Jeff Goltz should be consulted. Motion to consult County Attorney for interpretation of the Bylaws believed to be the most current with handwritten date of 11th of Nov., 2015, handwritten name of James Cunningham, unsigned & other handwritten changes. Motion approved by Board & Members.

Motion made that Megan Sothan, President; Tom Remmenga, Steve Block, Board Member and Kenneth Dodge, Treasurer meet with County Attorney per above motion. Motion approved by Board & Members.

2. Depot Phone Service on hold.

3. Donations through Facebook, Margaret reported that a second Bank account could be opened, must keep a minimum of $100, and should periodically transfer monies to general account; each transfer would cost $10.00.

New Business:

1. No report for March Museum.

2. Depot elevator – repair hydraulic jack packing replacement –cost of $3,142.00. Motion made to repair using monies at Waddell & Reed, designated for Depot expenses. Approved by Board & Members.

3. Steele City Tractor Show. Clarified motion made at 2/7/17 Reg. Mtg to handle everything the way it was done last year.

4. Steele City Flea Market – a) Motioned & approved by Board & Members to sell sponsorships beginning at $100 (donation) Dennis Kenning will manage. b) Motioned & approved by Board & Members Kenneth Dodge, Treasurer, handle accounting monies & expenses for this event. c) Motioned & approved by Board & Members, $600 budget for preliminary advertising for flea market. d) Motioned & approved by Board & Members. Tom Remmenga & others will handle making float for parades, Homestead Days, Beatrice, Diller picnic, Plymouth parade and any other parade or other events at his discretion.

5. District #10 School Roof. On Hold. Request of Dave Moser, Tom Remmenga will check on Building History to verify type of original historical shingles. When historical information received will check with roofers for feasibility.

6. Diller Bank basement stairs and plumbing to be checked by Tom Remmenga and repairs & cost reported at May meeting.

7. Motioned & approved by Board & Members to approve loan of JCHS matchstick capitol building to Beatrice Library, Director Laureen Riedesel drawing up agreement.

8. Dennis Kenning read report from Mitch Zabokrstky regarding research he did of JCHS past tax filings. Gale Pohlmann read letter from past Vice President of JCHS, John Howell regarding expenditures. Motioned & approved by Board & Members to set up “Oversight Committee of Past Expenses” to research all information. The committee members: Belva Cassell & Jowan Remmenga, they will ask Mitch Zabokrstky & Richard Schmeling, retired attorney from Lincoln as liaison to the committee. No committee chairperson appointed.

9. Motioned & approved by Board & Members to approve renewing membership to the Nebraska Museum Association $30.00.

10. JCHS Eclipse program – Tom Remmenga, Jr. will present ideas at May Mtg.

11. Nebraska Extension & Non-profit seminars – On Hold

12. Other Items/Discussions – a) Bylaws state that Board Member be appointed to vacancy within

30 days. Motioned by Kenneth, Seconded by Henry Klee to appoint Tom Remmenga, Sr to Board. Approved by Board & Members. b) Margaret read letter from Rockies Express Pipeline advising Board that they will be inspecting Pipeline starting April 10th. c) Margaret suggested that Lime Kiln House should be closed to the Public until it can be cleaned. d) Volunteers requested forms to list the hours and projects they’ve worked. Forms will be at future meetings.

13. Motioned & approved by Board & Members next Regular Meeting Tues. May 2, 2017 Union Bank.

Motion to adjourn. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned 8:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted. Margaret Junker, Sec.

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