Jefferson County Historical Society Minutes July 7

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JULY 7, 2016
President, James Cunningham, called the regular meeting of the Jefferson County Historical Society to order on July 7, 2016 at 6:30 P.M. at the Rock Island Depot.

In attendance were the following:
James Cunningham, President
John Howell, Vice President
Zachary Schacht, Treasurer
Rose Ann Zach, Secretary
Phyllis Mc Cown, Board Member
Lawrence Junker, Board Member

Matthew Saxton, Journal News Shaun Friedrichsen, Fairbury News Now
Megan Sothan Mary Ann Partin
Lyle Katz Ralph Broadston
Vonnie Broadston Tammie Katz
Kenneth G. Dodge Dave Moser
Betty E. Bulin Pat Knigge
Dick Bugbee Dennis Kenning
Ella May Monroe Geri Katz
Margaret Junker Bruce Junker
Jamie Diller Fred Arnold
Jeff Waugh Denise Schatt
Jan Karenbauer Bob Bower
Linda Beran Julie Ann Endorf
Corky Huss Christina Weidner, KUTT
Steve Block Stan Stewart
Deanna Stewart David McCown
Henry Klee Eva Grace Klee
Gale Pohlmann Sondra Germer
Elinor Krause Richard Krause
Belva Cassell Dick English
Linda English

Secretary, Rose Ann read the Minutes of the last Regular Meeting, Tuesday, June 7th, held in Diller at the1883 Diller Bank Building. Motion to approve, seconded Minutes approved as read.

Treasurer, Zachary read the Treasurer report. Motion to approve, seconded. Treasure Report approved as read.

Treasurer, itemized the invoice/bills to be paid. (will attach a list of these signed checks given to Board Member Phyllis Mc Cown) Board approved payment.
Vice President, John Howell read a letter of resignation from Denise Anderson, (not present) and letters of resignation from the following board Members :

James Cunningham, President; John Howell, Vice President; Zachary Schacht, Treasurer; and Rose Ann Zach, Secretary. All letters were signed, dated July 7, 2016 and placed on the table along with various keys. The checkbook from American National Bank was not turned over.

The remaining Board Members, Phyllis and Lawrence took over the meeting. According to the Bylaws (handed out at the last meeting) Existing Board members fill vacancies first and open positions are filled by members of the Historical Society. The new members from the membership will fill their respective positions until the regular annual elections. The New Board Members are the following:

Phyllis Mc Cown, President
Megan Sothan, Vice President
Margaret Junker, Secretary
Kenneth Dodge, Treasurer
Mary Ann Partin, Board Member
Dave Moser, Board Member


Steele City Flea Market
Voted and approved vendor/event chairman, Megan Sothan
(Noted by Dennis, Advertising Chairman, that Megan’s name and Phyllis will be listed on Flyers)
Voted and approved Tractor Pull Chairman, Kenneth Dodge


Historic Demonstrations – vote carried to table until research can be done

Diller Roof Repair – vote carried to table until research can be done

Resolution 2016-1 request full levy amount – vote carried to table until research can be done Commissioner Pohlman advised the Jefferson County Budget is in August and we can request up to three cents

Motion to request audit waiver for 2016-17 – vote carried to table until research can be done
Living History Weekend July 9 and 10.
Voted to continue Living History Weekend, as usually Bruce Junker will open the Blacksmith Shop Sat 10 to 5 and Sun 10 or 12 to 5. Volunteer members will take care of opening and manning other buildings.
Replacement of Curator

Vote carried to table until research can be done regarding job description/duties and responsibilities

Mowing at the Lime Kiln
Vote carried to table until research can be done, members can check out the property.

Locks to all properties need to be changed a Special Meeting will be Tuesday, July 19th at 6:30 P.M. at the Deport
Dennis Kenning requested approval for Steele City Flea Market Kiddie Tractor Pull – Persons/Organization will do the Kiddie Tractor Pull free but would welcome a donation if possible. Voted and approved that members could go ahead with Kiddie Tractor Pull. Dennis or Julie Ann Endorf will provide the Secretary, Margaret with contact information for these people.


Bank account need to have new Board Members listed IMMEDIATELY
Corky Huss’s mother order an inscribe brick years ago and when received the spelling was incorrect. Megan will follow up on this.
District #10 School in Alexandria members, Betty Bulin, Pat Knigge will inventory the school and report to the Board. They have the old keys.
Richard Bugbee was thanked for mowing at the Steele City High School.

The next Regular Meeting will be Thursday, August 4th at 6:30 P.M. at the Depot.
Mary Ann requested Volunteers to help out how and whenever they can.

Meeting was Adjourned at approximately 8:30 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,
Margaret Junker, Secretary

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Shaun is the owner and publisher of Fairbury News Now, an independent media website covering Jefferson County Nebraska.

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