No, I Didn’t Take The Newspaper Back, But

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“Did you buy the newspaper back?” I was asked. No, I didn’t buy back the local paper. “Oh, that’s too bad,” was the response.

But I am back. Well, sort of.

Fairbury News Now owner and editor Shaun Friedrichsen has made me an offer I could not refuse (no disrespect intended to Marlon Brando or fans of The Godfather movie) and I have joined the staff of this news site.

Being an employee is a different experience for me. Working with Shaun is sort of surreal. He and I last worked together when I owned the local paper and he was the news editor. Honestly, it’s nice to be working with him again.

This past weekend I covered the 125th anniversary celebration in Plymouth. Plymouth always was one of my more favorite venues to work in. The community is so progressive; there is generally a lot going on there. Other towns, not just in Jefferson County, but all across Nebraska could learn a lot from what the people of Plymouth are doing to not just survive but thrive.

It’s been nearly a year since I have covered any local or area event as a working member of the media. And honestly it’s nice to have been missed, at least judging by what the fine folks in Plymouth say. I had a great conversation with Michael Sothan of Steele City. Michael was one of the Civil War re-enactors who put on a great performance.

“It’s probably nice to cover an event because you want to and not because you have to,” he said.

Yeah, it’s something like that.

And really there was no better place for me to kick start a career in the media than with my friends in Plymouth. As Marvin Bergstrom used to remind me every time he saw me, ‘We are the second biggest town in Jefferson County you know.” And a community with one of the biggest hearts, I might add.

When you see me it’s okay to ask…honest. But for the record, no I didn’t buy the newspaper again, but I am back in the game.

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