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(Jason Trimm, Fairbury Resident)

It’s been in the news lately that some rural residents are upset with the hog confinement facilities going up in the county.  I live in Fairbury and am thus not near these facilities.  Still some days I go outside and there are no smells, some days it smells like some sort of feedlot, cattle I’m assuming, and on good days, it smells like bacon.  When my family moved back to Fairbury from the Raleigh, NC area we were under no disillusionment that it would smell like spring flowers every day.  We are an agricultural community and part of agriculture is livestock and unfortunately, livestock smell.  It’s been that way since the agricultural revolution.  This is not new in Jefferson County.  I remember back in the day when Roode’s had their slaughterhouse it would smell awfully ripe in town when the winds came out of the southwest.
Every time I drive into Jefferson County there is that sign that reads “Livestock Friendly County”.  I guess I don’t know what the regulations are to be livestock friendly but what’s going on lately doesn’t sound friendly.  I actually applaud these individuals putting up these facilities.  It creates jobs and taxes and payroll.  Again, I don’t live near one of these facilities so I don’t know what the odors are like and how often they come out.  But we are an agricultural society and with that comes the agricultural smells.

Jason Trimm
Fairbury, NE

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  1. Thanks for your comments Jason. You hit the nail on the head when you say that in an agriculture county there will be agricultural smells!

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