Watch For Kids Crossing The Street

School Is Starting Watch For Kids Crossing The Street, Fairbury News Now Letter To the Editor, Nebraska Ne
We all need to be prepared, be observant and be aware. School starts in our cities and our county. That means children will be crossing the streets getting in and out of cars. They will be out waiting for their school bus. They will be getting on and off school buses.
So please be careful, keep your eyes on the road. Let’s make sure we obey the red lights of the school buses, look both directions before crossing intersections. Watch our speed in school districts and on our city streets. ¬†Watch for the school buses on our highways and gravel roads. Let’s make this a safe 2016 -2017 school start-up. All of our children need to be safe and arrive at school and home safely. Let’s be very alert while on the streets and roads. Our children deserve to be safe. Also, I would like to thank our local Police Officers, ¬†Sheriff’s Office and the Nebraska State Patrol for being on the highways, county roads and our city streets and for the job they do every day to keep our children safe.
Donald Cook
Reynolds, NE.

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