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Volunteer Week Hosted in Steele City

(Shaun Friedrichsen, Publisher)

In an effort to showcase the sense of community in Steele City, during the village’s board meeting Megan Sothan reported the results of the clean-up week that took place May 16 through May 21.

Sothan described how the event was organized in the village.

“We sent out notices to all residents with an application form for anyone that needed assistance moving items either to the brush dump or to the dumpsters,” said Sothan. We also had sign up for volunteers to have a volunteer day on the Saturday of clean-up week to help with those projects, if anyone applied for assistance.”

Four people requested assistance with projects ranging from clearing sidewalks of brush and weeds to cleaning and organizing a car port.

“All in all, I think the clean-up week was a success,” Sothan said. “Everything went really well. Some of our volunteers were not able to come out Saturday, so they volunteered to come in early during the week. Because of that, we got the majority of our projects done before we even reached the Saturday volunteer date, which, you know, actually turned out to be a good thing that we had enough help.”

With 15 citizens helping in one form or another, the volunteers were able to complete all of the projects in roughly half the time it otherwise would have taken.

“I just want to give a public thank you to everyone who signed up, or otherwise volunteered or helped, or was somehow involved in the clean-up week. It couldn’t have been done without you, and, you know, everything went really well, and there were a lot of people out there. So, I really just think it was a positive impact on the community as a whole,” said Sothan.

Sothan hopes that these community volunteer efforts can continue in the future and believes it would be best to have this established as an annual event.

Mayor of Steele City Tammy Katz explained that this was a beneficial event for the community because it helped to improve the quality of life.

“The town looks great,” Katz said. “Lots and lots of stuff, lots of brush and stuff was hauled off. I just think it was a great thing. The whole town’s looking great.”

Sothan encouraged people to reach out to her if they have suggestions on how to improve the clean-up week. Katz noted that the Village of Steele City is working to provide another dumpster for the citizens to continue clean-up efforts in the community.

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Shaun is the owner and publisher of Fairbury News Now, an independent media website covering Jefferson County Nebraska.

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