Trimm Shares Views On Pool Issue

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There has been a lot of talk on the new pool bond issue.  I would like to give my two cents worth.
A pool, while only used a few months a year, is an invaluable asset to a community.  When I lived in North Carolina, our city had no community pools.  Either you joined a club, such as the YMCA or your HOA had one, which cost HOA fees.  When we decided to move back to Fairbury, one of the deciding factors was the public pool.
My wife and I currently don’t go to the pool.  Why? It’s boring.  It’s a big rectangle with a couple of diving boards and a small slide.  If it was more entertaining, we would go.  The planned lazy river is a plus.  My wife and kids have travelled to Aurora to their pool because it was more entertaining.  I guarantee they spent money in Aurora while they were there. 
 As for the increased taxes for the pool, you can easily go to and see how it will affect you.  Here are some examples for a property worth:
$120,000 = .99 a day
$100,000 = .82 a day
$80,000 = .66 a day
$60,000 = .49 a day
 Seriously, who can’t afford that?  People spend more on cigarettes every day.  And this is an investment in our community’s future.  Without the pool, people will travel to other cities to use their pools and they will shop in those cities and we will lose out on tax monies.  People will choose not to move to Fairbury and businesses will have a smaller labor pool and will shut down and move somewhere else with a larger labor pool.
We need the pool to help increase our tax intake, to help increase our population and labor pool, to help make Fairbury a destination.
The Bonham is an excellent example of this.  I can count on my left hand the number of times I have been to a movie in the last two years.  But I am still on the Bonham Theatre board because I realize the importance of the theatre to the well-being of Fairbury.   With a theatre here, I will go to more movies. The same goes for the pool.  So if you want nice things for Fairbury, you are going to have to pay for them.  Otherwise, many of the young families in Fairbury are going to move away and Fairbury will die.
So I encourage all of you to vote for the pool.  Fill out your ballot and the envelope it came in and hand deliver it to the County Clerk.  It has to be in her hands by February 14 and I wouldn’t trust the post office to get it there on time.

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